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Graphic Memoirs

—Publisher's Weekly Podcast Reviews

The Graphic Memoir of an Apple Valley ‘Afro-Punk’


Becoming AfroPunk

—The Takeaway, NPR

An Illustrated Life

—Departures Magazine

Afropunk Pioneer Explores ‘The High Desert’ of His Origins


New Graphic Memoir Shows How Punk Helped a Young Black Man Find Identity

—All Things Considered, NPR

Newly Published, From the California Desert to Capitol Hill

— New York Times

Afropunk Goes Graphic Memoir: 'PW' Talks with James Spooner

— Publishers Weekly

Starred Review

— Publishers Weekly

Starred review


Publishers Weekly Exclusive

— Publishers Weekly

AFROPUNK (Festival)

AfroPunk Returns to Brooklyn

— CBS Sunday Morning

We Still Need To Be Seen 

— The Guardian

"Fuck That Thing." That’s all punk needs.

— Diaphanes

The Process: James Spooner on AfroPunk 

— Believer Magazine

AfroPunk Is Back With New Message 

— Brooklyn Eagle

Riot Woman With James Spooner 

— Riot Woman Podcast (audio)

AfroPunk Staff Report Abuse 

— Vibe Magazine

AfroPunk Community Speaks Out 

— The Rad Voice

Couple Thrown Out of Afropunk

The Root

James Spooner Shows a Different Shade of Punk 

— Phoenix New Times

AfroPunk at The Hammer Museum (Q&A) 

–UCLA (video)

The Misguided Evolution of AfroPunk 

— Bitch Media

Rock N Roll Nigger Experience 

— Documentary is Never Neutral

A Talk With James Spooner 

— High How Are You

Gentrifying AfroPunk 

— New Yorker

Looking for The Punk 

— Nylon

The True Story of How AfroPunk Turned a Message Board into a Movement 

— Fader

Is AfroPunk No Longer Punk 

— Vice

A Weekend at AfroPunk 

— PitchFork Magazine

Truly Indie Fans 

— New York Times

James Spooner’s Doc 

— XLR8R Magazine

AfroPunk Started With a Documentary 

— Village Voice

AfroPunk Stretches Racial Labels 


The Evolution of AfroPunk 

— Forbes Magazine

AfroPunk’s Growing Pains 

— Mail & Guardian

James Spooner Goes in Depth 


AfroPunk Before AfroPunk 

— Ebony Magazine

The Evolution of AfroPunk 

— Mic

AfroPunk: More Than a Festival; It’s Black Culture 

— Huffington Post

AFRO-PUNK (Early Years)

AfroPunk – A Black Punk Documentary 


Afro on The Outside, Punk on the Inside 

— NY Sun

The Rock N Roll Nigger Experience 

— Brooklyn Rail

Fear of A Punk Planet 

— Vibe Magazine

AfroPunk Scene 


How AfroPunk Became a Movement 

— Racked NYC

Director Interview 

— Indiana University Interview (video)

James Spooner Interview 

— AfroPunk Media (video)

AfroPunk – MTV Promo 

— MTV (video)

James Spooner on Grit 

— Grit TV (video)

Director Interview 

— AfroPunk Media (video)

Director Interview 

— DefKon (video)

Much Music Interview 

— Much Music (video)


Vegan Dark Skin Tattoos 

— LA Sentinel

Tattooing the African Diaspora with James Spooner

— Los Angeles Public Library (video)

Dark Skin Tattooing

— ATTN: interview. (video)

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Vegan Tattoo

— Driftwood Magazine

Samsung Commercial (video) 


The Lasting influence of Jean Michel Basquiat with James Spooner and Ed Patuto 

— Auture Magazine

A Freedom Ride: Black Kids on Bikes 

— Street Films (video)

James Spooner's Ipod Commercial 

— Apple (video)

The Musical Influences of Basquiat with James Spooner

— The Broad Museum

James Spooner on Minor Threat 

— Heat Rocks Podcast (audio)